Samsonite Reinvents The Suitcase 

 Samsonite OBAG

The conventional shape of luggage isn’t exactly ideal. It isn’t easy lugging around square and rectangular bags that are filled to bursting, even when they have small wheels. So why not make the entire thing a rolling wheel?

The Samsonite OBAG was designed by Rooz Mousavi, and it’s a roll-on bag that…rolls. It’s got a rugged exterior that will stand up to the most brutal treatment and foul weather, but the main point is that it will allow you to effortlessly roll your luggage in just about any condition, even through snow. And a large wheel requires much less energy to move it around then a rectangle. It even sports a few compartments on the sides so you can carry around more stuff. The handle collapses for easy storage.

Via SlipperyBrick