DizzyFix - A Treatment For Vertigo 

 DizzyFix – Treatment For Vertigo

Any kind of medical care that can be used from the comfort of one’s house is always a boon. Cleanwater Clinical Limited thought on the similar lines for vertigo and dizziness patients. The Canadian company brought to surface DizzyFix that can combat BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo), which stands to be a common cause of vertigo.


The non-invasive device banks on a proven treatment for BPPV and one has to only visually trace the particle for a quick recovery. This technique of particle repositioning maneuver erodes the necessity of medication and claims to be more useful. The whole device is set atop a cap and takes as less as a minute to finish its work. The special tube is filled with a bead and fluid and the user has to shove the bead through the device with head movements alone. DizzyFix already has many medical awards up its sleeves.

Pricing and Availability:
The patent-pending device can be bought from the storefront of AllstarSales for a price of $109.

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We think this low-cost device can be an amazing option against drug therapy and should be adopted in medical institutions all over the world.

DizzyFix - A Treatment For Vertigo

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