Female Robot Unicyclist 

 Murato Seiko-chan self-balancing robot unicyclist

Robots have been an integral part of the Japanese society, and there have been many robotic toys that are far more advanced than many devices meant for adults. The Murata Seiko-chan is a self-balancing robot unicyclist that was created in order to meet the demands of many people who were already bowled over by the company’s Murata Boy, a robot bicyclist.

The unicyclist robot is modeled after a female kindergartener and has a pair of gyro sensors, which help her balance. The robot can go back and forward using the single wheel; and the rotating wheel in the chest helps the robot turn left or right. Seiko-chan comes with built-in Bluetooth capabilities, an embedded camera and ultrasonic sensors, which help her transmit live videos and also assess potential obstacles.

Price and Availability: The 5kg fem-bot will soon be available. Pricing hasn’t been announced yet.

Watch This: The robot’s set design and exterior character of the bot was designed by women and is meant for kindergarten students and above. She measures 50cm and is apparently a lively but shy unicyclist.

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Serkan Toto at CrunchGear says:

“Next week, the general public (including me) has the chance to see the robot showcased at the CEATEC 2008 tech exhibition in Chiba near Tokyo.”

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