Online Video Games Improve Math Skills

Video games improve the mind-to-numbers relationship

A daily dose of computer games can boost students’ scores on standard math tests, says a new research. The study, which was carried out in Scottish schools, was conducted by Learning and Teaching Scotland (LTS) – the main organization for the development of the curriculum.

Online Video Games Improve Math Skills

In the research, experts analyzed the effect of a “brain training” game. The study involved more than 600 pupils in 32 schools across Scotland using the Brain Training from Dr Kawashima game on the Nintendo DS every day.

In the study, a group of pupils played the game, which included reading tests, problem-solving exercises and memory puzzles, for 20 minutes in class for nine weeks.

 Online Video Games Improve Math Skills

While all groups had improved their scores, the group using the game had improved by a further 50%.The time taken to complete the tests also dropped by five minutes. The improvement in the games group was double that of the control group.

“Computer games help flatten out the hierarchy that exists in schools – they are in the domain of the learner as opposed to the domain of the school,” BBC quoted Derek Robertson, an LTS adviser, as saying.

Via The Times