Thermography Bra To Detect Breast Cancer 

If you had been worrying about breast cancer, a bra may be able to warn you in case you develop cancerous tissues. The bra would detect the cancerous growths before they can spread to other areas and help a lot in prognosis, as cancer always needs to be treated early for better results.

The bra uses Thermography, a type of infrared imaging science, and the camera detects cancerous tissue, which stands out metabolically against the healthy background tissues. Usually cancerous tissue needs a greater blood flow and hence the temperature surrounding that area is elevated.

This is detected by the infrared camera. Microwave antennae, which are incorporated into the fabric of the bra, collect information of the abnormalities and transfer them via conducting polymers which in turn is analyzed by a controller and if there is an abnormality, it would set off an alarm. This, however, cannot differentiate between benign and malignant tumors and hence mammography would be required later.

Price and Availability: The bra may enter the market in a few years and the price isn’t known.

Watch This: Though the bra may not differentiate between the benign and malignant tumors and a further mammography is required, it can help doctors study the course of illness after the mammography and also keep a track on the growth of the cancerous tissues.

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Prof Siores, Director of CMRI

“‘Early detection gives women more confidence in the preliminary assessment stage and those with breast cancer the highest survival prognosis.”

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