Flexboard:  A Flexible Blackboard 

Rigid, stuck-to-the-wall blackboards will soon find their way to the recycling house. In an era where ‘monologues’ are taboo, the Flexboard comes as a perfect response to our ‘interactivity’ needs. It is an established fact that classrooms are the best places to learn. Hence, it is also essential that the learning is structured to suit the learner. With the Flexboard, the training can either be team collaboration-based, project-based or one-on-one (especially for the slow learners).

What’s Innovative: Unlike the singular-dimension learning that we have always been subject to, the Flexboard recreates the variety of learning options that you may come across during higher education (never integrated, though!). For example, a classroom can have two simultaneous yet disparate sessions for two kinds of students – audio-video sessions for students with ‘special needs’ and presentation-based sessions for students seeking more interactivity.

Watch This:We believe that the old order has to change and yield place to the new one. The Flexboard fits the bill and therefore, the future of learning is bright.

Designer: The Flexboard has been conceptualized by Kaleidoscope, a product development consultancy in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Via Gizmowatch