Sound Wave Chair 

 Sound Chair

Although this chair looks like it’s made from LEGO, designer Matthew Plummer Fernandez actually used a much more geeky material in building it: sound waves. The Sound/Chair has contours that precisely match sound waves mapped on a 3D graph of volume (height), frequency (depth), and time (width).  We love the purple color, too (but then again, we would).

Fernandez tried 719 different sounds before he found the one that resulted in his ideal chair design. Once he settled on that, he made the physical chair out of water-jet-cut polyethylene foam. Officially launched this month, the Sound/Chair sells for the deafening price of $7,280. Nice design, Matthew, but that price is insane. If it included some high-end speakers that would make some sense; otherwise let us know when the Quiet/Chair comes out.

Via Dvice