Portable Nuclear Power In Your Backyard

A radically different mindset than the “nuclear is too dangerous for anybody” of the 1980s

Nuclear reactors don’t produce ‘bombs’ alone. Fast forward to the year 2013 and you can have an endless power supply by just installing a portable nuclear power unit in your backyard. Before eyebrows are raised about the security aspect, we must tell you that only “highly enriched” Uranium fuel is something you need to worry about. This nuclear reactor concept would make use of Uranium Hydride, which doesn’t invite sanctions, is super-safe and renewable, and generates waste only the size of a watermelon (if used for 10 years). Hyperion’s home nuclear reactor concept promises a lot – most of which is centered on providing people with an alternate source of energy that doesn’t exhaust itself.

What’s Innovative: Hyperion’s nuclear reactor uses clean water to moderate the reaction and also to cool the system. You can, therefore, rest assured that the reaction wouldn’t reach uncontrollable proportions.

For those of you who have had to forcibly stay away from energy-guzzling devices, there is good news too. Nuclear energy is renewable and you can choose to be either self-sufficient or magnanimous enough to donate some of your additional energy to neighbors.

Watch This: Reeling under a severe energy crisis, the world has been clamoring for alternate energy sources. Perhaps, using a personal nuclear reactor would have been the last thought. Hyperion, though, believes the portable reactor is a look at the future. And we must agree, it is a wonderful idea. We have a question, though. Would we have enough water in 2013 for the coolant and moderator?

Via Gizmowatch