Cat Spa

Oh To Be A Cat

Don’t you sometimes wish you were a cat? Cats really know how to find all those feel-good spots. And the Hagin Catit Cat Spa knows where they are and how to reach them. After all, there’s nothing like a ‘feel good’ toy for a cat.

With the Body Groomer and the Ripple Massager for rubbing the face, head and neck, those especially hard to groom places for a cat, he’ll groom himself and stimulate lots of pheromones to calm him. The Accu-Pressure pads provide your cat stepping places she loves to stimulate her paws. And cats love their gums stimulated. I’ve been massaging my cats’ gums with my fingers, but the Cat Spa Gum Stimulator offers cats something to actually gnaw on.. which does not feel good on your fingers. (There’s a place for catnip in the gum stimulator, so she’ll be more inclined to chew on it.) All of this in one toy will keep your cat busy.