The Ab Solo - Helps Chisel Out Those Six-Pack Abs 

Exercising regularly in a specific pattern can only get monotonous and hence most of us lose interest over a period of time. It is thus always advisable to include a few changes from time to time in order to make the workout regime more interesting. This not only helps in rebuilding motivation but also challenges the body to gear up and shed the flab. In my personal experience of sweating it out at a local gym for years, I have realized that losing weight isn’t as tough as getting six-pack abs. That’s where the Ab Solo can step in, to help you chisel out an spectacular abdomen. This latest abdomen and core training gear seems to be the hottest addition in the arena of fitness training. Joe and Chris Arsenault’s idea has shaped up well to make way for an exceptional abdominal, cardio, as well as core muscle workout without the help of any human assistance.


The contoured, adjustable bench supports the user upper torso with ease and the leg supports as well as footrest renders stability. Intensity of the workout can be adjusted by shifting the bench’s position. Starters can always commence by keeping the bench at a higher position that doesn’t require more strength to come up. Once positioned on it, all you got to do is play basket ball by throwing the call in to the allotted slot. Those who want don’t want to indulge in the basketball kind of play, Ab Solo also sports an option of bouncing the ball of the bouncing board.

Ideal for a strengthening and shaping the ab muscles, this equipment also provides a good cardio workout. Not to miss out on the fact that it can optimize the hand-eye coordination too.

For $3,295, it also ships with six medicine balls of different weights that help in customizing the workout according to the user’s need.