Zeemote - Bluetooth Controller For Mobile Phone Gamers 


If those XL-sized fingers of yours have given you sores while gaming and forced you to tearfully bid farewell to this hobby, the Zeemote joystick could offer some respite. Designed specifically for mobile phone gamers, the Bluetooth-enabled controller offers you a “console-style gaming experience.” Ergonomically designed to snuggle into your closed palm, the Zeemote is ultra-light at 47g and measures just 95×35x20mm. The wireless controller is compatible with a wide range of mobile phones from all leading manufacturers.

Pricing and Availability: The Zeemote is retailing at a special price of €19.90 on Movistar, an online store.

Watch This: Despite the launch of gaming-centric gizmos, we still haven’t grown out of mobile phone gaming. And with the Zeemote JS1 controller, the addiction is just going to get worse (or better?).

Word around the Web:

Scarlett Susi from Shinyshiny says:

“The Zeemote is slowly making its way around the globe, hoping to make mobile phone gaming easier and more funner. Way more funner.”

The geek from Multicellphone says:

“Zeemote JS1 controller brings mobile gaming to a fun, fast and interactive level.”

Via Gizmowatch