Cool Game Driver Interface

 RennSport Wheel Stand

Fanatec unveiled today a new wheel stand for video game racing wheels. It is called the RennSport Wheel Stand and you’ll find it pricing around $130.

Cool Game Driver Interface


  • Compatible with all Fanatec Porsche and Speedster racing wheels
  • Other makes: Logitech: Driving Force, Driving Force Pro, G25
    Microsoft wireless wheel
  • Allows the use of a racing wheel without table in the living room
  • Easy to store away within 10 seconds
  • Attractive design both in operation or in storage leaning on a wall
  • Rock solid steel / Aluminum construction avoids shaking even with strong Force feedback wheels
  • Adjustable: wheel angle, height, pedal position
  • Big rubber feet avoid any movement
  • Porsche wheel and G25 shifter mount (optional)
  • Optional race seat kit expands it to a full racing cockpit (available 2009)
  • Designed in Germany by real Germaneering®

The Fanatec RennSport Wheel Stand offers gamers an adjustable wheel angle, height, and pedal position and works with “all Fanatec racing wheels as well as those from Logitech (G25 and Driving Force wheel series) and Microsoft (Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel).” It is said to be made of “rock-solid steel/aluminum construction.”

Optional and upcoming accessories for this stand include a shifter mount and a race seat kit that turns the stand into a full racing cockpit. The RennSport should be available by the end of the month.

Via Fanatec