Holographic Televisions Only Be 5 To 10 Years Away 

Holographic television sets may be only a few years off thanks to a new breakthrough in 3D technology. Researchers at the University of Arizona said they had made the first updatable 3D displays with memory, a prerequisite for getting any holographic image to move. With the new technology, displays can now be erased and rewritten in a matter of minutes.

Though that’s still far slower than the refresh rate of normal 2D television sets, the researchers said that speeding the frame rate up would be a piece of cake compared to the first breakthrough. They were so confident, they even gave a time peg-five to ten years before the technology would reach the market. That’s right, folks! Five to ten years before every wannabe-Luke Skywalker in the world will get to endlessly loop that integral Star Wars scene.

Via Gizmodo