The 2008 Tokyo Game Show in Japan is currently underway, and there’s more than just awesome new games to look forward to. Game developer Square Enix – known for the widely popular Final Fantasy series – is planning an impressive technical feat this Thursday: a mind-controlled video game technical demo. The software developer has teamed up with NeuroSky, creators of the Mindset headset, which look like a pair of earmuffs with an angler-like extension that reads your brainwaves.

It’s a cool idea, and I’m always down for new ways to control my games. Sad reality check: controllers like this rarely take off unless they are forced from inception – such as the Wiimote – because it’s simply too risky for game developers to make a game around a controller that cuts down their install base.

As a tech demo though? Sweet. It’s one step closer to a skullgun.