Bullet Proof Polo Shirt 

 Caballero’s Bullet Proof Polo Shirt

Tantalizingly made for security-seeking wealthy folks, this anti-ballistic polo shirt takes safety to an altogether new level! With many wealthy people normally on the hit-lists of gruesome militias, this polo shirt from Caballero is something which just ups the security factor.


Caballero has people as high-profile as Hugo Chavez on the client list just to elaborate on the fact that this offering is a top-notch product. The polo shirt is good enough to protect you from a 9mm pistol, and if fiber is what you are worried about, there is hardly a cloth that betters linen. For the people who hope to get lucky someday, this should go right atop the apparently fancied list of things they wish to possess. You can just look cool and causal in this polo shirt with no fear of a bullet jamming your breath forever, a little bit of the Superman feel, yes! Spending $12,000 for this shirt is definitely a lavishly wise choice.

Via Bornrich.org