More than meets the Eye-Fi

In a market saturated by indistinguishable flash memory competitors, Eye-Fi has managed time and time again to smartly separate itself from its memory card doppelgangers… first, simply by slapping a Wi-Fi transmitter and built-in geotracking into an SD card, and now – even neater – with built-in Flickr and Twitter support.

If you download and install the latest version of the Eye-Fi manager software, you’ll have access to the new features. The Flickr function allows you to upload photos directly from your camera to Flickr or other supported photo hosting sites, and the Twitter feature allows you to automatically notify your followers with a link to your latest photos… or simply publish an RSS feed with them.

Charlie Sorrel’s right on the money: “Eye-Fi gets it. What started as a simple SD card with Wi-Fi transfer and geotagging is fast turning into a full-on Web 2.0 gadget.” There’s just a giddy neatness to owning an SD card that not only does something besides store data, but gets cool new features pushed to it over time.

Eye-Fi Manager Update Released [Eye-Fi via Gadget Lab and BoingBoing Gadgets ]