Faucet Controlled By Touchscreen 

Now you can network your water faucets together. The Elettronico Faucet by Carlo Frattini lets you control the water’s temperature and flow rate on its touchscreen, which can also control other faucets you hook up together in a special plumbing network. Whoa!

We’ve seen some fancy faucets before, but this one beats all. Say you’re cleaning up after breakfast – from the kitchen sink, you can start the shower at your favorite temperature as you finish up those dishes. You can even control all your fixtures via the web.

Frattini also touts its water-saving capabilities, letting you turn off all the faucets in the house from one location before you go out the door. Really? Might be great for those absent-minded rich people who are constantly leaving the water running all over the house.

Faucet Controlled By Touchscreen


Via Dvice