Men Less Virtuous Than Women 

Women are more virtuous than men, suggests a survey which found that females outscore males on every moral conscience.

The survey into the ethics of more than 20,000 people by Times Online indicated that women are more virtuous than men.
According to the survey of 20,738 Times Online users in 162 countries, women outscore men on every moral conscience.
“This suggests that women are not only more caring and altruistic than men; they may also be more virtuous,” Professor Steare, an analyst, was quoted as saying in the report.
Steare also pointed out that homemakers and those working in healthcare, charity, the arts and the media tend to have female-shaped ethical profiles, with higher levels of social and principled conscience compared with rules compliance.
The survey, conducted by Roger Steare from Cass Business School, showed that the way in which we make ethical decisions changes as we age. As children, we merely abide by the rules; as we grow old, we start to consider the feelings of others and what we believe to be fair.
The transition from moral infancy to maturity is late, however at about the age of 33, the report said. Yet our moral development continues well into our 50s, a finding that caused Professor Steare to note: “Organisations that fail to retain the wisdom and good thinking of older workers are placing themselves at a serious commercial disadvantage.”
It suggested that beyond the age of 60 one tends to regress slightly, perhaps as we become more dependent on others and the rules they impose. The ethical profile of the retired people surveyed revealed a “Victor Meldrew mentality” with a very high-principled conscience but low rules compliance, the report said.

Via The Times Of India