Software That Gives A Sense Of Touch In The Virtual Environment 

Being a human, you feel; so do I. However, software can also feel! Surprised, one might be. But this is a reality, as an Edinburgh-based company has just launched an incredible software technology by the name of Cre8. Now, what is implausible about this is that it has an interactive interface, which means the creators, designers or artists interact and even can manipulate the content in a virtual 3D workspace using the sense of touch technology.

The company also has many other innovative inventions under its belt, like the Novint Falcon, which was a revolutionary 3D touch controller available for PC and used in enabled PC games. Now, this time the concept is incredibly novel, allowing users to have freedom across six planes of movement with interactive touch manipulation. The innovative Software Company intends to make everything at ease for those who are imaginative and has flair to be experimental.

Novint stresses that Cre8 will directly help in encouraging imagination and creativity by cutting usual added cost of producing physical design prototypes. This kind of transformation can surely increase the speed of the whole production process by up to 500 percent.

Though this technology is only available in the US, the software developers have plans to make it available in the UK very soon.

Via Gizmowatch