Robotic Spider Chair 

There aren’t many robot shows that make it really big around the world. However, Robo Japan, a yearly robotic fiesta, is one that has a marked identity – and Robo Japan 2008 has seen some exquisite robots revealed, from a dancing ASIMO to a square shaped magic carpet.

No doubt there have been many arachnid robots spotted, but this spider-like robot is a speck different than the rest. There isn’t much that we have on the four legged spider bot, yet what is evident is that this is a robotic spider chair that was seen carrying a man seated on it. The robot moves about freely and functions more like a walking/moving chair, mimicking one right out of a sci-fi flick.
What’s Innovative:

The robotic spider chair is a concept bot that is perhaps designed to transit people on its back, a new attribute that shouldn’t be mistaken for a transport medium but only considered a mechanical genius.

Watch This:

We know this is another arachnid robot, but the added utility has made the robotic spider chair draw crowd amid the other fancier walking robots at Robo Japan. We also feel that this could be a great assist for the ones who face problems with mobility, supporting them to move freely.

Via Gizmowatch