HIV Camera

 Sanity never has a defined ground; creators often change reasons to get to something fresh and untamed each time. As HIV spreads beyond our control, and when scientists are found with their hands in the air, claiming no guarantee to coming up with a vaccine against HIV – we came across this HIV camera, a great concept that could possibly touch upon some aspect of the malady. Dubbed the Untouchable HIV Camera, it measures at a size of 4×5-inches with the sole aim resting on studying and photographing geographic comparison of people suffering with HIV. The blood of the sufferer is pumped in through the camera in front of the pinhole where from the red filters are obtained.


What’s innovative:

The HIV Camera is churned out in aluminum, copper, titanium, acrylic and HIV-positive blood. It is a pinhole camera that desires to help HIV acquirers know the severity of the disease. With the Untouchable HIV Camera, here the pinhole camera has a new feat, i.e. shooting geographic comparison of the HIV infected, added to its array.

Watch This:

We will always have to worry about the exposure to HIV unless we have a vaccine or a guaranteed remedy for the disease. But if gadgets that have a reason for delivering their bit to help HIV sufferers keep knocking at the doors of certainty – it may not be too long then before we could have certain solutions to boast off against the illness.

Via: gizmowatch