Featured Invention at the Colorado Inventor Showcase

Perhaps you’ve see the blinky lights on bicycles that make them safer and more noticeable at night. We took that to a new level, and way beyond. Imagine as a bicyclist decelerates by putting on the brakes, a bright brake light lights up just like on a car, but it isn’t wired to anything – just snapped to the bicycle seat post.

There are over 16 million bicycles sold in the U.S. each year, and there are thousands of reported injuries and deaths each year too. Most bike to bike accidents happen because the guy in front slows or stops and the one behind doesn’t notice in time. This is a huge and very important market, and LucidBrake can help save lives.

There are two bicycle brake light products on the market right now, but they both require complicated mechanical interfacing with the braking system. With our LucidBrake unit you simply clip it onto your bike and ride. It’s that simple, that easy to use, and it works great! It even self-adjusts to mounting angle, road grades, and bumps, making it the most intelligent brake light (of any kind) on the market.

Via LucidBrake