So Ugly They’re Cute: Enchidna Babies

Platypus and echidna babies are considered to be the cutest… and some say the ugliest! You can make up your mind here, after seeing this wonderful series of images (by an exclusive permission of Australian photographer Den Whitton).

Den thinks “it’s unfair that the platypus gets all the fame when the echidna is just as weird, and even less understood. Spread the echidna love!”


Platypus Baby

“When the Platypus lays eggs it is thought that she incubates them by resting them on her stomach and curling her tail over them.”

Platypus cuteness ends with childhood: The male platypus has venom (on a small spur on the backside of his hind legs) that is strong enough to kill a small dog, and very painful for humans.




Via: darkroastedblend