Intelligent Sleep Mask

 How often have you slept past your stations on a train journey, only waking to realize your station crossed an hour ago? I have been a lazy commuter myself, and have gone through this on a number of occasions, so I recognize the personal agony and the fellow commuters’ frustration, well. With the Pyocotan-developed “Noriko-san,” the sleepy maniacs can now have a peaceful siesta. The Noriko-san is a sleep mask that you could wear during your naps on a train journey – bothering least, because the mask will drop you off at your destination, not literally. The sleep mask keeps the rail users in your compartment aware of your stop with the mounted electronic scroll display, on reaching which the fellow passengers wake you up making sure you aren’t carried any further.


Pricing and Availability:

The Noriko-san, the perfect rescue device for the lethargic sleepyheads, is priced at about $200; there isn’t a word on the availability that we can provide you as yet, though.

Watch This:

The design of the sleep mask is dubious, which may have the commuters skeptical – whether to help or refrain. But we are sure once the Noriko-san is seen free-flowing in the markets there will be a changed opinion and that’ll be the time when the rail user either requiring a seat or someone out of gesture will knock you off your dreams on reaching your destination.

The makers Pyocotan themselves believe their creation isn’t 100% effective, and it is well exhibited in the test video; check after the jump.

Via: Gizmowatch