Thats Longer Than Your insect

Measuring over a foot long, a stick bug from the island of Borneo sets the record of the world’s longest insect, scientists said Thursday.

The specimen is now on display at Britain’s Natural History Museum, courtesy of its discoverer Datuk Chan Chew Lun, a Malaysian naturalist. Including its legs, the specimen measures 22 inches long; its body length is 14 inches. The last stick bug to hold the title was about an inch shorter. Including the record-holder, only three stick bugs of this species have been found, also from Borneo. The species has been named Phobaeticus chani, meaning “Chan’s megastick,” in honor of the naturalist.

As their name suggests, stick bugs resemble twigs, an effective camouflage. Most stick bug species are found in the tropics.

The Natural History Museum’s web site is showing a video of the record-holding specimen.

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