Announce Your 80’s Geekiness With New Arcade

If you yearn for the days before PlayStation and Xbox, when you had to haul you butt down to the local bar and slip in a couple of quarters to get your video game fix, then the Optime Strategies video gaming table could be for you. Run by a built in PC, it comes preloaded with over 1700 vintage games including favorites like Donkey Kong, Pac-Man and Frogger, using software developed by a group called MAME. The graphics and music files used have been downloaded directly from the original arcade versions ensuring absolute authenticity.

Unlike some other stealthier gaming tables we’ve seen that you can hide away, the Optime loudly announces your ’80s geekiness, right down to the dual joystick control panels, and coin operated mechanism. I wouldn’t be surprised if it even comes with a sticky glass surface and a few beer mug rings to give it that true bar feel.

The only thing that isn’t very ’80s is the 2,995 British Pounds ($5,180) price tag, although I wouldn’t be surprised if I slipped nearly that much into the original machines back when I was in college.

Via: Dvice