A Fistfull Of Fashionable Memory

There isn’t a single thing about these USB skull rings that makes a lick of sense. Yes, I have been known to apply the pewter washer of an ineptly molded skull to the thick porkjam fingers of my youth, but not in a color scheme favored by, say, Glenn Danzig’s gay doppleganger or a particularly emo Keebler Elf.

Then there’s the skull design itself: surely, that puckering sphincter in the middle of the forehead must be the third eye itself, the human pineal gland, capable of viewing the eldritch things from beyond when properly stimulated by a dimensional resonator?

But then you look at the price: $145 for a 2GB flash drive. After the staggering, the throat clogged with unutterable WTFs, it all makes sense: the skull is meant to be the mirror X-Ray of its own buyer’s coconut, and the “third eye?” The trepanation hole of the one person idiotic enough to buy it.

USB Key Skull Ring [Geek Stuff 4 U via Giz]