Taking travel to new heights

How desperate are you to fly into space? Copenhagen Suborbitals has a crazy plan to cram you into the nosecone of this minuscule missile, blasting you into space and returning you safely to Earth, all by your lonesome self. That standing-up position doesn’t look too comfortable, but claustrophobic daredevils can rest easy because the entire tip of the nosecone is transparent, showing the rider a magnificent view of the rapidly approaching cosmos.


Mini Spacecraft To Blast Brave Rider Into Space

 Copenhagen Suborbitals (XLR-2) hybrid rocket test, Oct 19th 2008.

They’re calling this rocket HEAT, or Hybrid Exo Atmospheric Transporter, and it’ll propel a human into space at a relatively gentle 3g force, hardly enough to break even the fragilest of legs. The quarters will be cramped, with the astronaut strapped into the pressurized compartment so tightly, only limited arm movement will be possible. Not exactly a limo ride, but maybe it’ll be cheap.

 Mini Spacecraft To Blast Brave Rider Into Space

 Peter Madsen and Kristian von Bengtson shakes hands after finishing the booster.

This is one of two upcoming craft from the Danish aerospace startup – the other vehicle will be the unmanned Hybrid Atmospheric Test Vehicle, a 1/3-scale sounding rocket that will test the company’s new rocket engines. That motor is off to a good start, passing its first test earlier this week.




XLR-2 hybrid rocket motor test from Sonny W. on Vimeo.


Via: Dvice