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There are calls for an inquiry into the training of New Zealand care workers after some Nelson workers claimed they received training on how to help clients achieve sexual satisfaction.

The workers say their former employer, New Zealand Care, has been running seminars with sex toys, showing staff how to help clients masturbate.

Six Nelson-based care workers say what has been expected of them in the care of their disabled clients is well beyond the call of acceptable duty.

“We got down to the nitty gritty of masturbation and our job was too assist and help with masturbation,” says Janet Gambell, Former care worker.

The workers say intimate care seminars provided by New Zealand Care specifically dealt with the sexual needs of the intellectually handicapped, with sex toys involved in the training. “We’re treated like a prostitute’. I’m sorry, I have nothing against prostitution, I’m not a prostitute,” says Gambell.

New Zealand Care strongly denies the allegations but the Ministry of Health is now looking into them.

via Arbroath