Space Bowl

The visionaries at Armadillo Aerospace have some big ideas. The most outrageous is this “Fishbowl Spaceship,” giving two passengers a spectacular 360-degree view of suborbital space. The company, founded by iD software (Doom, Quake) chief John Carmack, plans to build this far-fetched space bubble next year, aiming to start its first suborbital flights a year later. The company says a ticket on this wild ride will cost you a relatively cheap $100,000.

While we wonder how such a bubble will survive re-entry, we’re thinking this must be a collapsible dome. Meanwhile, the consumer space race goes on, with all sorts of ambitious ideas springing forth. Add this one to that single-passenger micro-spacecraft we showed you last week, SpaceX’s private space flight, and Richard Branson’s SpaceShipTwo, and one day soon, space tourism will be commonplace.

Via: dvice