Bulldog Interactive Fitness:  A Gym That Uses Video Games To Get Kids Moving

Bulldog Interactive Fitness

A gym that uses video games to get kids moving? Bulldog Interactive Fitness has found a solution that gets kids off your couch at home, without actually taking away their number one obsession; video gaming. It’s a common problem many parents face; there are so many products on the market for children that keep them entranced by their computers or favorite gaming systems. While this on its own isn’t a problem, it is when the child isn’t finding balance that also keeps them physically active.

When you think about it, the idea in itself really isn’t all that creative. There are already video games on the market, such as Dance Dance Revolution, that require your child to bump, grind and get their groove on. Arcades have interactive machines that require kids to pedal bikes, while following a course on the screen or even get into a virtual reality based boxing ring. And just look at all of the hype that surrounded the Wii when it came out a couple of years ago. So, with the technology and products already available on the market, why did it take until 2003 to finally establish a franchise? Combining interactive, mobility based video games with a proper fitness center is obviously genius. Can’t argue with that.

The founders of Bulldog Fitness came up with the business plan when their teenage son packed on weight due to immobility. You can almost picture that light bulb appearing in the thought bubble above their heads, as they glanced from their overweight child, to his favorite video game system, to each other, and back again. Sarcasm aside, it was great thinking.

They offer a wide variety of programs depending on your child’s age group and level of physical fitness. Teaching everything from how to run, to providing training for school teams, and offering classes like general fitness and yoga. The goal is to make exercise desirable and fun for kids. And it’s clear that’s exactly who they’re catering to, they’ll even have your child escorted from school and supervise homework time (balance all around!).

There’s bad news if you live in the United States, while the franchise is expanding, the first location in Boca Raton, Florida has yet to open. North of the border, in Canada, however, there are 9 locations. Investors and entrepreneurs alike, I’m not letting you down. Bulldog Fitness has franchise opportunities, so you can open your very own branch of this innovative, video gaming based fitness center wherever your heart desires (or at least within North America). This one sounds like a money-maker to me!

I can only find one thing wrong with this business concept. I can’t help but be jealous that the market is only reaching out to children. Who’s to say that I find the treadmill anymore interesting then the school-aged demographic?

Bulldog Interactive Fitness:  A Gym That Uses Video Games To Get Kids Moving

Bulldog Interactive Fitness:  A Gym That Uses Video Games To Get Kids Moving


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