CynoCast: Delivers Live Or Pre-Recorded Web Content To Your Customer’s Computer 

Featured Invention at the Colorado Inventor Showcase  

CynoCast is a breakthrough technology that allows you to communicate more effectively with your audience by delivering targeted web pages to their computer screen while you narrate. CynoCasts are created using a simple, yet robust, software tool called “Live Dashboard”.

A live CynoCast allows you interact dynamically with your audience by presenting specific web pages to their computer screen while you are speaking to them. It allows you to add a viewable component to your conversation.

It can be used for a one to one phone call, a 1000 guest conference call, or any face to face meeting.

Live CynoCasting is used by sales and support organizations to enhance their customer/prospects’ interaction and deliver a consistent message and by broadcasters to create a more interactive experience for their viewers and listeners.

With On Demand CynoCasting you can create a pre-recorded online presentation with your voice and a series of the web pages that you would like your audience to see. They can view it whenever they want- and as many times as they like.

You can create as many different Cynocasts on your web site that you think your audience may find interesting. Your imagination is your only limitation.

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