Non Drip Ice Cream, Called UFO

A Russian dairy company, MyasoMolTorg, has created a new ice cream product called UFO, which is made with the latest in stabilizer technology. Once removed from the freezer, the ice cream does not melt but rather turns into a semi-solid jelly, which makes it far les messy (unless of course you eat ice cream so quickly the melting process doesn’t have a chance).

This new product, which only comes in cherry flavor and is produced by dairy processor, MyasoMolTorg, is one of many introduced this year in a desire to increase growth in a Russian market that has declined by 11% in the last five years. MyasoMolTorg has cornered about 50% of the local ice cream market in its home base at Reazan, and offers about 100 related product lines including: ice cream cones, choc-ices, waffles, tubs and frozen cakes. Its products are also sold in the Kaliningrad, Kursk, Smolensk, Orenburg, Krasnodar and Moscow regions.
Ekaterina Lunina, head of marketing at MeasoMolTorg, said:

“UFO is one of several innovations set to be unveiled at next month’s ice cream and frozen food exhibition in Moscow. Other products include the Parad planet brand of frozen yoghurt and Nostalgie choc-ices.”

Veaceslav Vygodin, head of the Union of Russian Ice Cream Manufacturers, added that he agreed that product innovation was key to driving growth. He said:
“There are two main focus areas for companies looking to expand their ice cream sales in Russia. One is healthy products, while the other is looking for new variations on old themes.”

Although Russia’s dairy companies are clearly capable of creating products that are innovative and attractive enough to revitalize the industry, their Achilles heel remains poor advertising.

Perhaps North American advertising companies can help? Let’s face it, there are some so good at subliminal advertising they could ice to Eskimos!

In the meantime, better eat your ice cream.

You know what can happen (at least for now) if you don’t.

Via: inventorspot