Lego Security Bracelet To Track Your Kids 

 Lego Security Bracelet

The craze for Lego Bricks is just immortal. Lego is one thing that lures us back every time, we may avoid it for a while, but these professionals churn out the newest of things, prompting us to go head over heels for their exquisite makes. This conceptual security bracelet for kids, a project led by Rodrigo Torres, is the hottest Lego creation that we could get about in a period. The bracelet is a perfect device for parents to keep track of their child’s whereabouts.

What’s innovative:

If you and your child are wanderers, you will need something to stalk your kid’s movement, which the security bracelet intends to do. If keeping him attached with the other security gadgets on the market gets difficult coz of their monotonous makes and gadgetry, the Lego makeover of this will keep the security device as a playful toy to him. The Lego crafted security bracelet also houses a number of media attributes to keep the child wanting to have this gadget on his wrist more badly with each passing day’s routine.

Watch This:

The Lego security bracelet will tame your child’s nomadic ways, we guess. It will keep him busy making the bracelet according to his liking, he’ll enjoy playing around with the Lego bricks that frame the outer rim of the bracelet. Games, photos, speaker and the beautiful Lego man on the front will keep him glued, wanting to wear the security device to flaunt – and you have him tracked all the while.

Lego Security Bracelet To Track Your Kids


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