Think Like A Genius 2.0:  Software That Let’s Kids Build Anything They Can Imagine

 Featured Invention at the Colorado Inventor Showcase

Think Like a Genius is a dynamic software program that enables kids of all ages to build 3D virtual worlds that are fun, interactive and inspiring.


Think Like A Genius is an easy-to-learn, yet powerful software tool that helps you give form to your thoughts, generate and express ideas more effectively, enrich and improve your communications, and understand things better – as well as, allowing others to understand you better.

Besides being more simple and intuitive to use, Think Like a Genius is far more open ended than 3D programs and websites. With Think Like a Genius, you can build anything that you can imagine. You are not bound by geographical space, and forced to use CAD like programs designed to create buildings. Instead, you are free to build what you want to build, as freely expressive and freeform as you want. Or, as structured as you want. To get some idea of the wide range of Worldz and Thingz, see what others have created in the gallery.

Each child has a unique way of learning and expressing his or herself. Think Like A Genius sparks an interest in education by drawing out your child’s imagination, creative genius, and innate ability to communicate. Think Like A Genius engages children in the fun of learning. Our software provides a unique and interactive platform for developing 3D projects that can be used for dynamic school presentations, artwork, studying, visual journaling, expressing future goals and more.

You, as a parent, can connect with your children by building projects together. For example, build a 3D family tree that includes everyone’s favorite activities, or model your next family vacation, or work through an important issue. Think Like A Genius can be used as an educational tool, a fun interactive game or a way for your child to self express.

Bring the Think Like A Genius software into your classroom. With Think Like A Genius, you can create exciting presentations that bring each subject to life! Students will not only be engaged in learning, but will be inspired to create their own dynamic Think Like A Genius projects for class presentations.

For example, as you fly through a history related Think Like A Genius project, students can see three dimensional time lines with dates and pictures that keep them engaged and interested. Bring chemistry to life by exploring protons, neutrons and electrons that give your students the impression that they are inside an atom. Build three dimensional mind maps that are more expressive and memorable.

The Think Like a Genius software is based on the work of Todd Siler, Ph.D. (M.I.T. 1986) whose ArtScience Program and Think Like a Genius Program have trained over 200 teachers and reached in excess of 20,000 students in the Denver metro area, including the Cherry Creek, Denver, Englewood, Jefferson County and Littleton School Districts. These programs have been introduced to other school districts and individual schools nationwide on a limited basis. Now for the first time, Think Like a Genius – previously an exclusively physical model building process – is being introduced in software form to make it more accessible to teachers and students.

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