Deadline for Exhibitors at the Colorado Inventor Showcase

Future Edisons will be out in force at the Inventor Showcase

Are you still on the fence about exhibiting at the Colorado Inventor Showcase? Well, the good news is you still have a couple days to decide, until Wed Nov 5th. The bad news is that we only have a limited few of these great spaces left.

The buzz has been building around this event, both from the standpoint of the amazing opportunity that it presents for exhibitors, and the incredible opportunity to network and learn for attendees.

With three spots on 9News this week, ads in ColoradoBiz Magazine, and several radio interviews, we are expecting a record crowd. But at the heart of all of this is the magical talents of those ingenious inventors who are boldly telling the world that they have arrived.

Soon after the judging begins, we will be escorting Jay Walker on a tour of the exhibits, introducing him to the inventors. At the same time, over 60 Celebrity Judges, including VCs, Angels, Corp Execs, Media people and others will begin to make their rounds, getting to know the people, the products, and the opportunities.

This year’s event will mark the 4th annual Colorado Inventor Showcase. Each year the Showcase attracts some of the nation’s finest inventors and their incredibly clever inventions.

Just to clarify, the deadline for exhibiting is Wednesday, November 5th. People wishing to attend can still register up until the day of the event.

Deadline for Exhibitors at the Colorado Inventor Showcase


Colorado Inventor Showcase – 2008

EVENT:  Colorado Inventor Showcase
DATE:  Monday, November 10, 2008
TIMES:  3:30 pm – 8:00 pm
AGENDA:  See website

LOCATION:  The Cable Center, 2000 Buchtel Boulevard, Denver, C0 80210 – Map

FOOD & REFRESHMENTS:  Food and refreshments will be served from 5:30 to 7:00 pm
FUNDRAISER:  Raising funds for the Museum of Future Inventions



NOTE: The deadline for exhibitors is Wednesday, November 5th. For more information, please contact Deb at 303-666-4133 or deb(at)davinciinstitute(dot)com 

All exhibits will come with piping and draping, and will have power available, upon request, as part of the cost.  Special request items may result in an additional charge.  Exhibitors will receive one exhibitor pass.  Additional attendees will require separate admission.


Deadline for Exhibitors at the Colorado Inventor Showcase


FOR MORE INFORMATION:  DaVinci Institute, PO Box 270315, Louisville, CO 80027 –
303-666-4133 or