SPHERit:  An Innovative Way To Navigate Your Way In A Complex World 

 Featured Invention at the Colorado Inventor Showcase

Let’s face it: humans are not machines. Humans are complex. Life and business is chaotic, interconnected and self-organizing.

It’s time to shift our view of the world from mechanistic to holistic. It’s time to see the complete picture.  It’s time to see our lives and businesses through a new lens- one that reflects the intangibles that influence all our decisions. 

Spherit is a patented online tool that provides a “reflective” image of a viewer’s perceptions and experiences. It graphically connects critical information on a single-page sphere chart. It incorporates neuroscience discoveries and the science of complex adaptive systems. It integrates the left and right brain and integrates our actions.  It’s customizable for universal applications and multiple participants. It’s easy to use, saves time and drastically improves productivity and outcomes. The Spherit technology and process is transformational.

The Spherit system is an easy way to “see” how multiple things in life interconnect. The connections are revealed in a single-page graphic sphere chart. You can hold it in your hand.

The chart visualizes data. It integrates the left and right brain. It integrates your mind. It integrates your actions. Seeing is believing. Seeing can be transformational.

The Spherit system is a patented visualization process that reveals the shape or condition of any complex adaptive system. It is standardized. It is customizable with universal applications. It is interactive. It is one of a kind.

The system works like this: Together we identify all relative components of a complex system. (That could be your business, your marriage, your life, you name it.) We create a customized, comprehensive online questionnaire. The information is then transformed into a data visual, complete with a proprietary seven-view analysis protocol and a series of seven sphere actualizations.  We take care of the complicated parts. You see the straightforward results. That’s the beauty of it.

The Spherit system helps you deal with multiple things in complex situations. It takes the emotion out of it. You can see patterns, you can see trends, you can see the match and gap in views of multiple participants. 

SPHERit:  An Innovative Way To Navigate Your Way In A Complex World

The patented sphere chart process is like no other in existence. Real world applications include marriage counseling, financial counseling, college readiness, employment fit, strategic planning, organizational development, mergers and acquisitions, wellness and more.

The sphere chart plot can show individual personal responses, or an aggregate of thousands of users. It can compare two individuals or multiple divisions within companies or organizations by means of overlay technology.