Lie Detector Head Band

 In the wake of immensely growing crime around the world, the best way out to nab a criminal is the use of an accurate lie detection test. The Narco test is one way of lie detection done nowadays. However, researchers from the University of Pennsylvania and Drexel have come up with a new technique for lie detection. This method under research uses infrared images, beaming them directly into the brain. Infrared sensors have been put to many innovative uses in the past, from interactive image generation to treating cancer, to measuring body fat levels. Infrared usage has come a long way, and these functional near-infrared sensors (fNIR), used in a band, monitor the hidden truths in the brain.


What’s Innovative:

The conventional lie detectors may be suitable for detecting a lie out of the criminal, but differentiating guilt and anxiety is a difficult task. The functional near-infrared sensors help the headband to monitor the amount of oxygen in the blood in all parts of the brain, which influences a change in the blood volume, making it easier to conclude when the person under scrutiny is lying – and also telling from anxiety and guilt.

Watch This:

The signals from the detectors are passed to a monitor on the outside where the process of matching a particular brain functioning with the expected ones is carried out. The method of lie detection isn’t publicly available yet, but researchers are working on all the facets of how the change in the blood flow and the divergence in oxygenation levels will be detected to perfection.

Via: gizmowatch