Card Parlour Darts - Skill Of Darts, Strategy Of Poker

 Featured Invention at the Colorado Inventor Showcase

Card Parlour Darts are poker darts played on a regulation dart board.

Card Parlour DartsTM (CPD) is the hottest thing to hit the gaming industry as it brings together two extremely popular games – darts and poker. CPD is a two in one game, play traditional dart games or play CPD card/poker games. CPD has every card suit from five through Ace with Joker added to Bulls Eye. Rather than just playing for points as in traditional darts, players collect “cards” to create winning poker hands. It’s a fun, new twist on a great game and is easy to play. If you can throw a dart, you can learn and enjoy Card Parlour DartsTM many games.

Card Parlour DartsTM is a great gift idea for the family, competitive gamer, and regular dart league players. CPD is perfect addition to home game rooms or public dart playing establishments. It is a tremendous ice breaker at social functions of all kinds, and brings all ages together for fun and excitement. CPD provides serious and skilled dart players with a game that improves their accuracy and adds a new challenge to their dart throwing ability.

  • Card Parlour DartsTM is two games in one. Play traditional darts or CPD games.
  • Use standard set of three darts and change flights to CPD custom flights to add additional scoring opportunities.
  • Two to five people can play at a time. Play as individuals or in teams. Special rules for elimination tournement style of play.
  • It’s fun for all ages and skill levels. Great new game for dart league players.
  • Unique rules and games for highly skilled tournement players.
  • CPD can be played with players getting dealt playing cards and poker chips are used to keep score.
  • This adds a new level of variety and challenge to the game of darts for all level of players.

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