Terrorist Tools?

According to a report about Gutanamo detainees over at New York Times, your next eBay bidding war for that used copy of Sonic and Knuckles might be with Al Qaeda:

One detainee is said to have been schooled in making detonators out of Sega game cartridges. A Yemeni who has received little public attention was originally selected by Mr. bin Laden as a potential Sept. 11 hijacker, intelligence officials say.

Sometimes, I despair that the nightmare will never end. The horror and unspeakable tragedy of terrorist attacks on American soil is bad enough, but to do it by blowing up perfectly good copies of Phantasy Star II? The work of true moral monsters. If there was doubt in your mind before, cast it aside: these people are inhuman fiends.

Next President Will Face Test on Detainees

[New York Times via Gearfuse]