A Mouthfull of Bull

Contestant Anthony Bell takes a bull’s testicle in his mouth at the weekend’s Hunterville Huntaway Festival in New Zealand. He was in the Shepherd’s Shermozzle on Saturday, which saw 56 competitors run out of the Hunterville Town Hall, find and claim their dog and head for the nearest high hill. The testicle had to be carted 50m by mouth.

Not too bad to carry by mouth, but you wouldn’t want to eat one.

The bulls’ testicles were the curly bit for contestants in the Shepherd’s Shermozzle in Hunterville at the weekend.

They had to fang into dry weetbix, scoff a raw egg and wash the lot down with a can of beer.

The beer probably also cushioned the taste of raw bulls’ testicles, which had to be carted, by mouth, 50m to the next stage of the competition.

Winner Josh Masters said he’d never carried a bull’s testicle in his teeth before, but it wasn’t too bad.

“Best of all, they weren’t connected to anything.”

People who want the information will be delighted to know a bull’s testicle weighs about 1kg, raw, depending on the size of animal it came from.

They were supplied by meat plants where bulls are killed for export meat.

Rumor had it that one spectator did eat a testicle, raw, but organizers said they couldn’t comment on the taste. They claimed they were “lovely” cooked – a sort of Texas version of the famous mountain oyster.

Mr Masters and his bitch Scruff came first in the Shepherds Shermozzle. (She won a bag of dog biscuits and he a jacket.)

The best dog bark came from Guy Peacock’s dog, Pound.

via Arbroath