Zeralights:  Fiber Optic Fashion Accessories

Featured Invention at the Colorado Inventor Showcase 

Zeralights is the creative inspiration of Barbara Sears Nelson, a Colorado native who currently lives in Denver.  Nelson is a successful entrepreneur, and formidable designer.

“My interest in innovative design and desire to see the world began while living in the international city of Aspen, Colorado.   At the time, I was teaching skiing and found in Aspen a land of sparkle – from the glistening flakes as the morning sun hit a untouched blanket of snow, to the vast and amazing star-filled sky– the spirit of celebration was showcased in sparkle.”

It was during these years that the wonder and fascination of fiber optics inspired her thinking.  Nelson was then began experimenting with bringing sparkle to fashion accessories.  After multitude attempts, the day finally dawned allowing her to bring to market her own creations combining sparkle design with products made from Luminex fiber optic fabric.

Nelson says, “Zeralights is the answer to the question, ‘what will I do when I grow up?’  As she states, designing and manufacturing product allows her to release her creativity while providing a method for her to give back to society.  Zeralights incorporates the Hebrew word Zera which means “seed”.

Stay tuned for more on Giving Light through Zeralights!!   A portion of Zeralights’ sales are donated and seeds are sown!

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