AlchemyGrid: Internet Service That Opens Up Existing Websites And Search Engines

 Featured Invention at the Colorado Inventor Showcase

AlchemyGrid is an Internet service that creates widgets, news feeds, and programmable software APIs from any content on the web.

AlchemyGrid provides a new way of looking at content portability.  Transform the way you distribute and consume Internet content.

Grab content from anywhere on the web to embed into your web site or blog! Create your own widgets!

Create widgets, feeds and APIs from your content. Distribute your information to the entire world!

Embed your favorite web site content into your iGoogle / Netvibes / Pageflakes / personalized home page!

Create programmable APIs and data feeds from any site. Enhance your Web 2.0 applications & mashups!

Orchestr8 is a technology startup located in Denver, Colorado. They have been operating in stealth mode since mid-2005, developing the AlchemyPoint platform and its underlying technology.

Prior to forming Orchestr8, Elliot Turner founded an enterprise network intrusion detection company that was subsequently acquired by a publicly-traded network security vendor in 2000. Elliot has been a contributor or co-author of several books on Linux and security topics.

Their team consists of a diverse group of individuals whose areas of experience include mission-critical systems design and high-speed document analysis. Many of them regularly compete in programming and mathematics competitions to refine our skills.

Via Orchestr8