Beacon Biotechnology - Diagnostic Medical Device Technology

 Featured Invention at the Colorado Inventor Showcase

Beacon Biotechnology has created a disruptive medical device technology with a single use, disposable, rapid, 112 test microarray diagnostic testing platform capable of performing both molecular and immunoassay methods.

Beacon Biotechnology is developing a new generation of diagnostics that are highly mobile, simple to use, inexpensive, and powerful. Disposable, cutting-edge hardware and Bioluminescence Resonance Energy Transfer (BRET)-based biology are combined to produce both DNA and protein microarrays that minimize the number of steps by creating proximity “nowash”assays.  The NAPA platform (nucleic acid proximity assay) is a rapid, sensitive hybridization-based assay to detect specific nucleic acid sequences. NAPA is based on RET between luciferase-conjugated capture strand and a double-strand specific intercalating dye. The assay requires no wash or separation steps due to the incorporation of a quenching dye. NAPA can be carried out entirely on the BrightSPOT reader in a multiplexed format allowing up to 112 simultaneous assays to be performed on a single sample. Analogous protein-based assays are under development. Demonstration arrays will detect and quantify infectious agents using DNA microarrays or pathogen-specific antibody in patient samples.

Beacon Biotechnology was formed by three companies to develop a new generation of diagnostics:

  • BP Proteomics, Inc.: development of the novel assay biochemistry and reagents
  • Prolume, Ltd.: expertise in luminescent and fluorescent molecules and innovator of the reader hardware
  • Black Forest Engineering, LLC: optical engineering of the reader device

The markets for our technology products are vast and lucrative: Research and Pharma, Public Health, Personalized Medicine, Environmental, Clinical Diagnostics and more.

To date, the founding companies and principals have invested over $2.5 million and 5+ years of non-compensated time and effort to develop the pioneering hardware and biology. As our ground-breaking work continues to progress, we welcome both scientific and financial collaboration.

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