G-Dog The Robotic Dog


When a mechanical replacement is being worked out for just about anything, how could the poor dog be left out? The Japanese have a fad for dogs, more so for robots, and we know that very well. Video after the jump.


Therefore robot maker HPI’s new four-legged robotic dog isn’t a real surprise to come from Japan, but the creation sure is. G-Dog, as they call this pup, is backed with 7.2V nickel metal hydride battery, and it does most stuff than a dog does. Built in aluminum, the 570g robotic dog features a set of nine servomotors all cramped in a size of 375×135×190mm. Controlled wirelessly with a portable controller, G-Dog can sit, crawl and roll over from side to side. Now that you wouldn’t have to walk the robot out like the little pooch back home, you will still have to cope with this one’s begging anyhow. We read that the HPI G-Dog will start selling later this month, with possibilities of the robot also selling in some parts of the world outside Japan too.

G-Dog The Robotic Dog

Via Gizmowatch