Suntrac 25TC Solar Collector 

Featured Invention at the Colorado Inventor Showcase  

Revolutionary new Suntrac 25TC Collector delivers water to 250 degrees F at lowest installed $/BTU cost.  

Flat plate units, each a tracking concentrating collector are the secret behind this true breakthrough hot water solar panel system for higher temperature water applications.

This unique design provides a system that utilizes roof area efficiently, requires no more maintenance than flat plate collectors, and yet delivers temperatures to 250 degrees F. at the lowest total installed cost per BTU on the market today. The panels can be used for hot water applications for space heating and process hot water.   The Suntrac 25TC Collector system is the first to combine the low installation and maintenance cost characteristics of flat plate design with the proven high temperature yields of parabolic concentrating collectors that track the sun. Each concentrating panel is self contained so there is no complicated field installation or maintenance of linkages or pulleys.

A synchronous tracker uses shaded phototransistors to follow the sun from east to west daily. The reflectors automatically return to the east position at the end of the day. The panel may also be oriented North-South to track the sun seasonally.

The tracker and brushless stepping motor are easily serviceable through the motor cover. The motor and controls use 12 volt DC power which provides an added safety margin. Tempered safety glass protects all reflector surfaces and the entire tracker system. This means there are no reflector surfaces to scratch and no linkages to freeze jam. The system is designed for a 20 year life.

Via Colorado Inventor Showcase