Find Out What Fido Is Doing When Your Gone With A New SnifTag

Most pet owners have wondered what their pet gets up to when they are out and about or at work. Before I had kids, my wife and I had a dog that would often come home colored pink. To this day we aren’t sure how he would get that color. It would have been interesting to monitor his activity.

If you are the type of pet owner that has to know what your animal does while you aren’t around, the Snif Tag will help you keep track of the dog. The little tag connects to the collar of your pet and lets the owner know if the animal has slept, walked, or played while they are away from home.

The device doesn’t offer GPS so you can’t track the location of the pet in the event of loss or theft. The tag tracks data and send it wirelessly to the Snif website where users can log in and view the information. A social network is also part of the Snif Tag features allowing pet owners to meet and talk about what their pet does while they are away I guess. The tag costs $299 and includes a one-year subscription to the activity monitoring service
and social site.