Winners at the Colorado Inventor Showcase 2008

Exhibit area at Colorado Inventor Showcase


A crowd of over 500 people attended the 4th Annual Colorado Inventor Showcase on November 10th at the Cable Center on the DU Campus. The event featured a keynote presentation by Jay Walker, founder of and John Calvert, Senior Examiner, United States Patent and Trade Office (USPTO). More than 35 exhibits displaying creative innovations from regional entrepreneurs. Winners in several categories were announced at the event

Winners at the Colorado Inventor Showcase 2008

Gregg Moss from 9News judging exhibits

Winners included the following:

  • Inventor of the Year Award: Inventor – Beacon Biotechnology Team; Company – Beacon BiotechnologyBeacon’s BrightSPOT Reader, a hand-held device to provide instant diagnoses of any disease imaginable.
  • Consumer Product of the Year Award: Company – re-thoughtInventor, Robert Irwin; BioHAWT – A biomimetic horizontal axis wind turbine designed for power generation.
  • Commercial Product of the Year Award: Company – VanDyne SuperTurbo; Inventor – Ed VanDyne; Fuel efficiency device called a SuperTurbocharger, designed to increase fuel efficiency by 25%
  • Software Product of the Year Award: Company – Alchemy Grid – Inventor, Elliot Turner – Orchestr8 transforms the way you distribute and consume Internet content.
  • Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award: Philip Hartman (Age 14); Company – Fiberlight Int’l;
  • Honorable Mention Award: Company – Smart Lid; Inventor – Bill Miller;
  • Honorable Mention Award: Company – ET Squared; Inventor – Pete Tovani; Product to mitigate the negative impact of Human Beings on planet Earth.
  • Honorable Mention Award: Company – Think Like a Genius; Inventor – Todd Siler, Ph.D.; Three dimentional imagination tool for bringing new ideas to life
  • Honorable Mention Young Entrepreneur Award: Company – Kyle Invent; Inventor – Kyle Myhra; Spot Sucker stain remover technology

A special “Champions of Innovation Award” was given to Jay Walker.   

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