Plasma Gasification Plant Planned For Florida 

Now here’s a system I can get behind: turning trash into energy via the magic of plasma. Yep, it kills two birds with one stone, and it’s coming soon. The first plasma plant in the country is being planned for St. Lucie County in Florida, where it’ll use 10,000 degree plasma to vaporize 1,500 tons of trash every day. The vapor will then spin turbines to create enough juice to power a whopping 50,000 homes. Holy crap, how sweet is this?

Plasma Gasification plants also generate less emissions than standard incineration plants, which is also good. The only X factor that could make this a bit less exciting is the cost to run it all, which may be pretty high. We’ll have to see how this setup works in the real world once our friends down in Florida have got theirs up and running.

Via Dvice