Golf Club That Uses Nitrogen-Charged Technology 

Air Force One Golf Club 

It takes a golf swing speed of 110 mph to correctly compress the face of a golf club to maximize the smash factor (energy transfer from the swing to the ball). The fact is most golfers swing much slower and therefore aren’t getting the maximum distance. That’s where PowerBilt’s Air Force One driver comes in.

Here’s how it works: The clubhead is infused with nitrogen gas, with the pressure going as high as 150 psi. Using this “nitrogen-charged” technology, it increases the trampoline effect to help golfers hit 10 to 15 yards further, even if the swing isn’t at 110 mph. Remarkably, the driver performs within USGA regulations. Drivers are $500, while fairway woods are $350, and hybrids are $250.

Via Dvice